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    She Saw This Elderly Lady Eating Alone – What She Did Next Filled My Heart With Joy!

    Brooke Ochoa had popped into one of her favorite restaurants in Texas for some food. As she looked around for a table, she saw an elderly lady sat by herself, looking a little glum. A naturally warm and friendly person, Brooke asked how she was was. The sadness in the lady’s eyes encouraged Brooke to ask if she could eat lunch with her. The lady smiled and agreed.

    They enjoyed their food together and each other’s company. The lady’s name was Dolores. And during their chat, Brooke discovered Dolores’ story. She’d been spending the past decade caring for her very sick mom, but she’d recently died. Dolores was upset and lonely.

    They continued their talk and struck up a real bond. And now? Well, the pair have agreed to meet up each and every Thursday to have lunch together!


    What a story and it’s touching to see the start of what might just be a beautiful friendship!


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