From Little Hercules To Super Stuntman – Boy Bodybuilder Living Amazing Adult Life


Fifteen years ago the world was amazed (and a little creeped out) by an eight year old bodybuilder called Richard Sandrak who had been dubbed by the media ‘Little Hercules’. Sandrak had been pushed into the limelight by his overbearing father Pavel, whose strict training regime had resulted in his son achieving the physique of a well-built man, despite being a child. Many people criticized Pavel Sandrak at the time for pushing his boy too far, but at the time young Richard seemed to enjoy it; reveling in the spotlight as he was dubbed the ‘World’s Strongest Boy’.

Richard’s father subsequently went to jail when the boy was eleven for abusing his mother, and the youngster and his family cut all ties with Pavel. After that, Little Hercules slipped from the public consciousness. That is, until now. So what is Richard, now twenty three, doing with himself? Is he still keeping up the punishing bodybuilding regime his father imposed on him all those years ago? Well no, as it turns out. As you’ll see in the following video, Little Hercules is all grown up, and he’s now doing a job that most of us would run a mile from.

What is that job? Oh, only being set on fire up to five times a day!

Wait … what?? We’ll let the video explain. Check it out:

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