Bit By A Deadly Spider, He Popped This Thing… Wait ‘Til You See What Happens!


When Nick Hanson took to a trip to Indiana, he wasn’t expecting to get attacked by a deadly Brown Recluse Spider and have his arm blow up to twice its normal size. But that’s exactly what did happen. And the results were terrifying. The pus that built up in his lower arm was just crazy. As you’re about to see…

Why Nick didn’t get a healthcare professional to drain the swelling is beyond us, but he did consult a doctor and got all the antibiotics needed. But to drain the pus, he decided to go right ahead and take care of it himself. With a pin. And, luckily/unluckily for us, a video camera too.

We’ve seen some pretty big zits being popped before, but never anything to this scale before. Seriously – this is DISGUSTING. But oddly watchable. See for yourself: