Top 10 Most Disturbing Subliminal Messages Ever Planted


Whether it be from advertisers or governments, entertainment outlets or conglomerates, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages and ideas. Half the world wants us to do a certain thing or act a certain way. Sometimes these people will just come right out and say it. They’ll tell us what to do (and sadly, a lot of the time, we oblige them). But other times, these shadowy puppet masters will use more nefarious and subtle methods. We’re talking about subliminal messages.

The good people at AllTime10s, fresh from telling us all about the top 10 craziest deaths, 10 weirdest bank robberies and explaining 10 nightmares that we all have – are back. And they’ve got some truly surprising news!

Also, this is cool. The guys and gals at AllTime10s have hidden 100 messages in this video themselves. See how many you can spot…