Westboro Baptists Rickrolled And Trolled Hard By Foo Fighters!


The Westboro Baptist Church are one of the most loathed organizations in America. Their fundamental Christian beliefs are zealous and aggressive. You’ll know them as the people with the huge neon signs who picket every event going from rallies to military funerals. Often with an extremely homophobic bent to their point.

Their latest target? A Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. But this protest saw a protest back… By the actual Foo Fighters themselves! The band jumped aboard the back of a pick-up truck and drive slowly passed the congregation shouting, waving their own signs and even Rickrolling them! That’s right – they even broke out the classic internet meme song, ‘Never Gonna give You Up’ by Rick Astley.

Here’s what happened:

This isn’t the first time the band and the church have clashed. The two had beef before which culminated in Dave Grohl & Co. performing this satirical number, again in Kansas City…

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