Everyone’s Going Crazy Over This Older Lady’s Response To A Woman Proposing To Her Girl!

Lesbian Proposal

The Art Institute of Chicago. Jessica Rodriguez takes her partner, Chelsea Miller out for the afternoon. To propose. She had her brother go too to take some snaps. And one one them has gone viral. And it’s all down to an older lady’s reaction to it all…

“I don’t think we realized she was there,” Jessica told the media. “We were so nervous. We were going over the photos my friend Ed Sanchez took and we discovered that gem with her sweet reaction. It really made that photo even more special.”

And Twitter is – it seem just as moved. The original tweet has 100,000 retweets and more than 330,000 likes!

“We definitely were not expecting that, or the amount of people that gathered in the gallery to watch and clap for us. It has been quite shocking and something we are not used to. I think we are making progress in the world to be more accepting. We definitely appreciate that. We have loved every single sweet comment from around the world.”

“Things were never the same and when I was almost done with my undergrad degree and with the flexibility to move anywhere I reached out to her. I told her how I still felt about her and she felt the same way. Since that day we’ve been together ever since and have now lived together for almost two years.”

Lesbian Proposal

Jessica continues: “As someone who will soon become a lawyer, it is very important for me how something is viewed under the law. Having now the right to marry is just so important and is a step to show that in this country we are making progress to see LGBT people as humans and not second-class citizens.”

“We plan on having a family and want our children to grow up to feel equal. With two married parents, who committed to each other under the law and under a spiritual ceremony. It’s really no different than why a straight couple would want to get married, you know. To show commitment to one another and share the rest of their lives together.”

This tweet shows the full picture and the woman in the background can be seen properly…

And an even closer shot of the elated lady:

Lesbian Proposal