The Father Of The Bride Suddenly Stopped The Wedding… What He Did Next? Heart Breaking!


Delia Blackburn is a wedding photographer. She’s been to hundreds of wedding ceremonies. Each has its own little touching moments that are really rather sweet. But none she’d ever attended featured a selfless act like the one she snapped recently in Vermillion, Ohio.

A lovely day, a beautiful setting, it was all set up perfectly. The bride, Brittany, looked a picture too. It was all set to start when the father of the bride asked the priest to pause and then dashed into the audience…

He grabbed someone and dragged him to the front.

Father at Wedding

It was Brittany’s stepfather. Todd Bachman knew that he was just as responsible for his daughter’s upbringing as he was and couldn’t take all the credit and give her away alone. And just look how much it means to them all…

Father at Wedding

Delia’s wedding photos went up onto Facebook with this message:

“NOT A DRY EYE at the ceremony..including me! Families are what we make them…make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations Todd Bachman on showing your kids what true love really is…love for your children. Please share so that we can spread kindness throughout!”

The post’s now got over 1.2m likes!

Father at Wedding

Wow. What a moment!

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