Creepiest Selfie Ever Sends Internet Into Scared And Confused Meltdown

Creepy Selfie

Have you ever seen something so strange and creepy that it’s haunted you for days on end? We don’t mean things like Carrot Top’s face (although that is both strange and creepy…). We mean odd pictures and things. We can think of a few, but nothing has freaked us out quite as much as the bizarre photo you’re about to witness.

It’s a fairly simple picture. A selfie taken by a dude of himself (obviously) and his ladyfriend. Nothing unusual there, huh? Right. Except when you look closer… Damn! Some truly unsettling goings-on.

See if you can spot what we’re talking about…

Creepy Selfie

Did you spot it? No? Look again. At the reflection of the woman’s head…


The internet has reacted in equal terror and bewilderment. Here’s a selection of some of the best tweets on the subject from Twitter…

Creepy Selfie