Hidden Camera Experiment Shows The TRUTH About Being Gay In Russia…


Russian YouTube filmmakers ChebuRussiaTV decided to take on a massive issue that affects so many people – gay rights. Their home country is renowned for having some rather backwards ideas about homosexuality. You only need to remember the controversy surrounding LGBT issues in the last Winter Olympics in Sochi…

To test if people in Russia really do still have problems with gay people, they decided to film themselves holding hands while walking through the country’s capital, Moscow. And the results are disappointing. To say the least.

The level of abuse – both verbal and physical is actually pretty shocking. It’s not just looks that the two had to put up with. There’s comments, swearing and even threats of violence leveled at the duo. Just because they’re holding hands.

As the USA legalizes gay marriage, across the world things are very different. And they need to change. See what happened right here:

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