When You Hear The Story Of This Tiny Baby Foal, Your Heart Will Burst


The world’s smallest colt was born on the farm of horse-breeder Diana Gilger in Guthrie, Oklahoma recently. Diana, who has been breeding miniature horses at her Mystic Rock Miniatures Ranch for many, many years, was unsure just how big the tiny little foal would be as her mother – Jazz, another miniature horse – hardly showed during pregnancy. Indeed, Diana’s friends Linda and Jim Woods doubted Jazz was even pregnant. They did, however, agree to buy Jazz’s offspring despite their doubts.

Hope was born on the 18th June and her birth weight and size made her the smallest miniature horse in the world. She’s a record breaker! “She’s very sweet,” says a proud Diana. “She’s adorable. I still can’t get over how cute she is.”

Hope may be small, but she’s destined for BIG things. Linda and Jim plan to put the foal to work at their Mini Hooves of Love Horse Therapy Session Center. The tiny horses are trained to work alongside their human friends to make the lives of disadvantaged and disabled children better. Children with special needs can be hard work, but they often respond to animals – especially tiny little animals – in a positive way. Hope will be a very welcome addition to Jim and Linda’s center.

Here’s to a bright future for all. We certainly ‘Hope’ so!