VIDEO: Dad Checks In On Son In McDonald’s Restroom – Finds Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare


For most people, a trip to McDonald’s with your family is a little treat. A hamburger, some fries and a shake with your loved ones – fun for everyone. But a father’s recent trip to a Jacksonville McDonald’s turned out to be a nightmare…

His two sons were desperate to use the restroom and as it was only a few feet away from the queue, the dad let the two kids – six and seven – go alone. They’d only be a couple of minutes, things would be fine, he assured himself. After receiving his order, he sat down and noticed only one of his two sons had returned from the toilet. Concerned, he went in to investigate.

As he entered, he noticed a suspicious-looking man exiting a stall. He looked for his son. Just seconds later, panic set in. His young son was in the stall that he’d just seen the man leave from. His son was zipping up his pants.

Jacksonville McDonaldsThe father checked that his son was okay, took him back to the table and took chase after the man who had fled on foot. The chase didn’t last long and the distraught father soon lost sight of the man. But on reporting the incident to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, it didn’t take long for them to track the perpetrator down. And investigation was launched and Keith Andre Sykes was charged with capital sexual battery and sent to jail.

It’s a hard story to take in. But important for parents to hear…

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