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    How To Skin a Watermelon For The World’s Coolest Party Trick!

    What do you do at weekends if you’re a NASA engineer – or even a retired NASA engineer? Sit around watching Apollo 13? Nope – you fiddle about with watermelons! That’s right. Well, it’s right in the case of former NASA employee Mark Rober. In his latest watermelon part trick video he shows us all how to skin a melon perfectly.

    It’s for his Creativity Design Science channel and he talks us through the amazing life hack. It’s a foolproof way to impress your friends at your next pool party or BBQ. It looks just like a normal watermelon, except with a twist – BAM! A peeled melon resides inside… How cool is that, huh?

    It only takes ten minutes and it’s miles better than a regular old boring version, isn’t it? Find out how you can wow your guests with this clever watermelon party trick right here:


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