This Son Is Accused Of Ordering Package With His Mom’s Credit Card. Watch His Reaction


When his mom calls this eight year old birthday boy up to his room, he doesn’t know why. Imagine his surprise when his mom is very, very angry with him. What on earth has he done? Why is she so annoyed with him? It’s his birthday, after all! But then his mom thrusts a package in his hands and accuses him of ordering things off the TV with her credit card without her permission. The birthday boy denies it, but mom isn’t listening because there’s his name right there on the address label.

Oh dear. Looks like he’s been caught red-handed.

This wasn’t how his birthday was supposed to turn out! Birthdays are supposed to be fun. They’re not supposed to involve your mom getting all angry at you. His mom demands he open the package. The little guy’s close to tears.

Check out what happens next …

Way to go, mom! You had him there! That’s one lucky birthday boy!