We’ve seen some weird and wonderful tales recently here that have come from people opening up about their lives on Facebook. There’s the jogger who was being harassed until a young boy stepped in. And not forgetting the guy with the funniest name on Facebook!

Jennifer split with her partner not long after she gave birth to her daughter. The dad didn’t want anything to do with his new child. In fact, he asked if he could give up parental responsibility and rights. Then, some years later, he got back in touch. He was dying of cancer. But that’s not the end of the story, there’s one or two twists left in the tale…

We’ve got the Facebook status that she wrote right here for you. It’s an inspirational tale of forgiveness and the correct way of looking at life and people. Your heart’s not big enough for love and hate. Ditch the hate… Here’s what Mom says:

Facebook Message