‘World’s Second Smartest Man’ Reveals The Drugs That Keep Him Smart…

Rick Rosner

Meet Rick Rosner. He’s a sometime TV personality and constant smart alec. But that’s no insult, Rick revels in his reputation as clever. In fact, he’s proud to say that he’s technically the second smartest guy on the planet. The 54 year-old boasts an incredibly high IQ score of 192 (only topped by a Greek doctor called Evangelos Katsioulis).

And the secret to Rosner’s intelligence? A lengthy list of ‘brain drugs’, as he calls them. He takes up to fifty supplements a day!

Rick Rosner

But while he’s very clever indeed, he’s not a doctor, so when he advises taking these pills, he admits to having no medical knowhow to back it up with. ‘Consult your doc first’, he says.

“In college, the only chemistry class I passed was Chem 099 for football players and idiots. Skepticism is advised. At the very least, Wikipedia this stuff…”

His list is pretty comprehensive. And here it is:

  • Omega 3 fish oil capsules
  • Half an aspirin daily
  • Metformin
  • Metoprolol
  • Glisodin
  • Avodart
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Fancy multivitamins from Life Extension and Vitacost
  • SAM-e (S-Adenosyl methionine)
  • Astragalus
  • Fiber gummies
  • Fat blockers
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs to lower cholesterol
  • Curcumin
  • ToCoQ10
  • L-carnosine
  • ALA and acetyl L-carnitine
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Lycopene
  • TMG (trimethylglycene)
  • Calcium
  • Benfotamine
  • N-acetyl cysteine
  • Mangosteen pomegranate noni complex
  • Vitamin K
  • Horse chestnut
  • Quercetin & bromelain
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • DMAE
  • Aminoguanidine
  • Centrophenoxine
  • Piracetam
  • Cognitex from Life Extension
  • Vinpocetine
  • Methylene blue
  • Coffee

Rick Rosner

It’s not a cheat, though. Rosner also says exercise is vital. He works out for up to three hours a day as well.

“I’d like to remain healthy and live for as long as possible. A lot of these things may not do anything for you – if I had to guess maybe only a third of this stuff has benefits.”

“I try to read up about what these things are supposed to do – as new studies come out sometimes I swap things in and out. I probably alter what I take on a three-to-four-monthly rotation.”

So if you want to be the world’s third smartest person, you’ll need to get a gym pass as well as find out where your nearest health food store is!