​Dog Eats Family’s Christmas Turkey Dinner Before They Get A Chance


Christmas. A time for family. And food. Eating food with your family, that’s what most people do over the Holidays. And the star piece? The Christmas turkey! Although there’s always one person who eats more than everyone else, isn’t there? And in this one particular family… It’s the dog!

David Barrett was looking forward to Christmas with his family this year. His family and his dog, a Chi Apso, called Bubba. But Bubba was only interested in the turkey. Eating ALL of it… And he’s only a little dog too.

“It was a turkey breast and mum cooked everything and sat it on the bottom tier of a two-tier table and put tin foil and a dish cloth over it,” David says.

“She just couldn’t move. It was pretty big, a whole turkey breast.”

Dog Eats Christmas Turkey (1)

Don’t worry, though. David and family didn’t go hungry on December 25th.

“My aunt had two turkeys so we got one of hers…”

Dog Eats Christmas Turkey (1)

Okay, so let’s see him. Let’s glory in the image of a dog that’s eaten an entire family’s Christmas turkey!

Dog Eats Christmas Turkey (1)

That’s one seriously stuffed dog… We wonder if they we tempted to eat him (kidding!).

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