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    Anonymous Have Just Declared All-Out WAR on Donald Trump!

    Infamous hacktivist group Anonymous have issued a chilling threat to the potential Presidential runner from the Republican Party, Donald Trump. The controversial billionaire has many supporters, but arguably an even greater number of enemies. And it looks as thought hacker group Anonymous are the newest.

    In a video released recently, they encouraged hackers across the world to attempt to bring down Trump’s websites and social media accounts. Here’s part of their message:

    “Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time, and what we see is deeply disturbing. Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America, you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideals.”

    “You say what your current audience wants to hear, but in reality you don’t stand for anything except for your personal greed and power. This is a call to arms.”

    And the video in full can be watched right here:


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