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    Brazilian Teens Learn English by Talking To Lonely Elderly Americans Online!

    CNA English languages schools are everywhere in Brazil. They have 580 centers around the Portuguese-speaking country, all dedicated to teaching over half a million pupils how to speak English. It’s a big operation and they’re happy to look at all ways to reach students and teach them. And their new idea might just be their best idea yet!

    Not only does it help Brazilians learn to speak English, it helps older lonely Americans feel useful and stimulates friendships. It’s a ‘speaking exchange’ and we think it’s a truly fantastic idea, we really do. A student connects with an elderly American and the two of them just chat online… It’s great company and a really effective learning tool.

    Talking to native speakers of a language is vital when it comes to learning a new language. But in Brazil, it can be tricky. Not everyone can afford trips to English-speaking countries. So this is a great replacement. And the older folk live helping out! Have a look for yourself:


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