Teacher Who Slept With Three Underage Students Found Guilty And Given HUGE Sentence With No Parole


Brianne Altice is the ‘hot teacher’ from Utah that has hit the headlines across the state, country and world after her high-profile court case caught the public imagination. Why? Well, she’s an attractive blonde woman, but one who preyed on underage boys for s*x. Oh, and she did so as their teacher…

Altice was arrested and later fired from her job working as an English teacher at the Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah back in 2015 and jailed later that year. She has since divorced and – obviously – lost custody of her children. The reason. Three ‘affairs’ or ‘forcible assaults’ on under eighteens at her school.

“They said this and that and made me feel good about myself. So I justified everything. There’s no justification for it.”


Brianne Altice

“I clearly lost sight of all my values and my principles and was seeking inappropriate means to address my own issues. Issues I’m very aware of now.”

I do not believe I grasped the gravity of the situation. This was my doing. This was no one else’s fault but my own.”

“This was not my ex-husband’s fault, or the school’s fault, or my students’ fault. These were my poor, poor decisions. I’m very aware of it now and I am very remorseful. I regret the decisions I made that brought us here.”

Brianne Altice

The three boys were able to positively identify Altice and prove what had happened by describing the tattoos on her body as well as explain the layout of her home.

She has been found guilty and sentenced to THIRTY YEARS jail time. She applied for parole and has been refused. She will have to now wait until at least 2019 to apply again.

Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice is going down. But not in the way she’s used to…

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