Drunk Dad Leaves Hungry Baby In The Car… Now Look What The Deputy’s Holding In His Left Hand.


Bernalillo County deputies Garcia and Roridguez are used to people just thinking that, as copstheir one purpose is to arrest people and give them citations. But they see it differently. They’re employed to protect and serve. And that can be in a whole host of different ways.

The pair pulled over a drunk driver recently who was driving dangerously. They were shocked to discover his children, hungry and wearing soiled diapers, in the back seat. After arresting dad, they started doing what comes naturally to them. Protecting and serving. They changed the kids’ diapers and fed them…

“We had to remove him from the kids’ view. The last thing we wanted to do was expose these kids to a negative law enforcement encounter with their father,” said Deputy Rodriguez. “What hurt me the most is when we asked the last time they ate, they couldn’t remember. It was really hard to be professional when we had such strong opinions. We really tried to keep it together for the welfare of the kids.”

Police Baby

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