They Installed A Camera Without This UPS Driver Knowing… Watch What They See Him Do!


Being a UPS driver can be thankless task (especially if no one thanks you!). It’s just as hard work as being a regular postal worker – in fact, it’s often harder. But you don’t have the same customers every day, so you often don’t build up the same kind of relationship as other mail and parcel delivery guys.

So we think it’s probably fair to say that not too many UPS guys expect much of a Christmas tip. If any tip at all. So when they get one? You can guess that they’ll be pretty pleased. And, well, you’d be right! In fact – we’ve some excellent proof right here!

When he noticed his little gift, the happiness is quite clear. And this guy just can’t hold it in. We’re guessing his family are from Ireland, as his way of expressing joy? A spontaneous Riverdance! It’s quite something to see. Check it out: