Disabled Vet Wants to Help Out In Snow Storm… And Does Something INCREDIBLE!


Omaha, Nebraska. When the snow hit recently, as with so many other parts of the country, things were bad. And the local community was suffering due to the lack of organized snow plowing and clearing up. So local man Justin Anderson decided to step up and take responsibility. Despite being permanently in a wheelchair.

The Iraqi war veteran, paraplegic, brain cancer survivor and mechanic didn’t like the idea of children and parents slipping, so he built a special ‘off road’ wheelchair with a built-in snowblade. It’s tricked out and a real best!

“The community here… has supported me immensely, through some of my struggles and my tough times. With having my leg amputated and also my fight with brain cancer. So this is my way of giving back.” What an incredible man. Here’s the story in full: