This Doctor’s Found The Cure To All Know Disease – And The Supreme Court Backs Him Up


Could there be a single cure for nearly ALL of the world’s diseases? A Honduran man known as ‘Dr. Sebi’ claims that there is. And a Supreme Court ruling backs him up.

Dr Sebi is a self healing advocate who claims that the world’s deadliest conditions, including cancer, AIDS, HIV and diabetes (as well as mental health issues like bipolar disorder and depression) can be fixed with herbs. Sebi describes himself as a ‘healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist’ and blasts the pharmaceutical industry.

In the late eighties he was sued for false advertisement. Facing the Attorney General of New York head on in a Supreme Court trial, he produced 77 witnesses in court who came forward to back up the doctor’s testimony and the case was thrown out.

Here’s his story: