This Guy Connects A Hose To An Old Coffee Can. What He Creates Is Incredible!


Solid carbon dioxide, more commonly known as dry ice, is an extremely important chemical for the science industry. For example, it is used to flash freeze biological samples when normal refrigeration methods will destroy them. It is also used frequently in the food industry, again to flash freeze products before packing. However, it is probably best known for less vital purposes. Anyone who has attended the theater, or a nightclub, for example, will know that it can be used to produce a fog-like effect.

Now you can create one of these fog machines in your own home, using just an old coffee tin, a hose and a small fan. Oh, and some carbon dioxide of course! Watch the video, and create your own. In just minutes you can have your own nightclub or haunted house!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you only use the fog machine in a well ventilated area. Failure to do so will see CO2 replacing the oxygen in the air, leading to possible suffocation.