How To Build Your Very Own Floating Bed

floating bed

Dab hand at DIY? Want something more than just a boring ‘normal’ bed? Well we might have just the thing for you. Over on Imigur, user elohwhydee posted instructions on how to make a ‘floating bed’ complete with step by step photographs. And it’s AMAZING.

This is how the finished product looks. A seeming support-less bed floating 20 inches off the bedroom floor.

floating bed 1

First, the person built a basic bed frame, screwed directly into the wall and supported by a hidden strut.

floating bed 2

This wooden strut supports the entire bed, so is securely attached to the frame using upside down joist hangers.

floating bed 3

The strut is placed where most downwards pressure occurs.

floating bed 4

The support strut is barely visible, even without the bed being covered.

floating bed 5

The frame is covered with a simple sheet of plywood.

floating bed 6

Et voila! A floating bed.

floating bed 7

Fancy giving it a go?