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    Crazy Surfer Guy Chases And Films Great White Shark On His GoPro!

    You see quite a lot of high quality HD videos shot by amateurs on the internet these days. Mostly this rise in homemade clips in brilliant resolution is down to new cameras like the ones you get from GoPro. Extreme sports types affix their portable GoPros to their helmets and go skiing or skateboarding or whatever and record their view.

    But every now and again, someone catches something quite fantastic on video. Just like this guy did. While out surfing in Manhattan Beach in California like he does a lot, Michael Davids saw a Great White Shark in the water. But instead of panicking and retreating like most people would, he decided to get up close and personal and record the aquatic beast with his nifty new camera.

    The footage was filmed at only about 40ft from the shore too! Check out just how close Michael gets to the 7ft Great White Shark right here:


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