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    German Supermarket Just Took Christmas To a New Level Of Awesomeness!

    The enormous German supermarket chain Edeka (the country’s biggest, in fact) decided to surprise shoppers at one of their branches recently with a very Christmassy little treat. The festive treat was out of the blue and a bit of a shocker, but it was all in good spirits!

    Shoppers at the store first looked pretty confused when all the bleeping and the dimming of the lights started. But soon? They all seemed to realize what was going on. The cashiers were playing their cash registers as instruments, playing everyone’s all-time top Christmas tune, Jingle Bells!

    We’ve heard Miley Cyrus taking on a Christmas song recently, haven’t we? And we can’t decide which is better. The Wrecking Ball singer’s dulcet tones… Or this bizarre supermarket-based little effort. Either way, it’s Christmas. Rejoice!


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