She’s Been Drawing Tiny Dots For 70 Hours. Now Watch When The Camera Zooms Out


23 year-old Julia Koceva is not a full-time career artist. But when you see the sheer quality of her work, you’ll wonder why not. Her skills are just crazy. Brilliant. In her regular job, Swedish Koceva is a criminologist in Sweden. But it’s her work with a ballpoint pen that we’re really interested in.

She’s a specialist in a type of dot drawing called ‘stippling‘. It’s basically making pictures just from banging a whole load of dots on the page. And it can – with precision – make for really quite magnificent artwork…

Here is a collection of some of her most amazing work. This first picture, seen in a clip from Julia’s Instagram, shows the product of more than SEVENTY hours of work! It must take some incredible patience, dedication and concentration. She’s a talented girl, is Julia. See for yourself:

Dot Drawings Dot Drawings Dot Drawings

How brilliant are these, huh?