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    She Winds Some Ribbon Around a Fork… Soon? The Perfect Gift Wrapping!

    Ever wanted to know how to make your own little little miniature bows? If you’re into your arts and crafts, maybe you have. But even if you haven’t – you should learn… These awesome little things really top off a birthday or Christmas gift and add that special little individual touch that the person’s just going to love!

    The best part about this little trick? It’s so simple. Arts and crafts can often be messy. But with this ‘make your own bow tutorial’? All you need is some ribbon and a fork! Just abide by the easy-to-follow little guide and you’ll be adding a little extra awesome to everyone’s gifts. This is going to really set your presents apart this Christmas.

    We love tips and tricks and life hacks here at Daily Digest and as the holiday season rapidly approaches, we’ll take all the help we can get with ideas like this! And we think you might just appreciate this one too. Enjoy!


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