Save Money By Making Your Own 3 Ingredient Ice Melt At Home!


It’s Winter. The weather’s bad. And getting worse. While it might not have been a White Christmas for too many of us, we’re all pretty sure we’ll get a wee bit of ice and snow at some point (unless you’re lucky enough to live in a place that’s hot all year round…).

Now unless you’re flush and can afford to have your drive or pathway cleared of ice and snow each and every morning, you’re going to have to clear it yourself. But who wants to pay lots of money for a whole bunch of chemicals like you get in a regular old jug of Ice Melt? Well, how about you make your own Ice Melt!

There are just three ingredients needed for making this simple yet effective ice melt solution:
1. One quart/half a gallon of lukewarm water.
2. Six drops of dish-washing detergent.
3. One ounce of standard rubbing alcohol.
Now just mix it all together and pour into an easy-to-spray container for application!