Man Tries To Pull Tree Out Of Ground With Truck. What Happens Next Is STUNNING!


In this amazing video, a man decides a tree on his front lawn must come down. He’s not interested in calling in a company to do it for him, nor is he going to go messing around with chainsaws or any of that kind of thing. This guy’s got a truck. Trucks are strong. Trucks can take on trees. That’s what this guy thinks, anyway.

So he attaches a chain to the tree, revs his engine, puts his foot on the gas and gets on with the job of yanking that tree right out of the ground using brute force alone. The tree puts up a bit of a fight, as you would expect a tree to do. So who will win? The truck or the tree?

Watch this incredible video to find out what happens when one man decides to redefine the definition of the word ‘lumberjack’. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the outcome of this titanic struggle between man and tree. We guarantee you’ll be stunned when you see it!

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