40 Year-Old Mom Got It On With Drunk Teen Boys In Shower At Daughter’s House Party


Update: Bradenton woman charged with four additional counts of indecent activity with minors

Manatee County, Florida. A 40 year-old woman from Bradenton has been arrested and charged with ‘Unlawful Sexual Activity of Certain Minors’. It comes after Jaimie Ayer crashed her own teenage daughter’s house party and seduced two underage teen boys.

She lured the two drunk boys into the shower and conducted illicit and unlawful sexual activity with the pair. Her daughter thought her mother would be out, but when Ayers caught wind of the party she returned to the house. But instead of kicking the teenagers out, she bought and plied them with alcohol and seduced the young boys.

Detectives have spoken with two boys, but are thought to be interested in interviewing a further THREE.

Jaimie Ayer

Ayer apparently told one of the victims that she had to take a shower and that he was welcome to ‘help her’. He was then lead to a bedroom by the woman. She then began to take off her clothes and perform an erotic act on the victim, according to police.

Jaimie Ayer

According to ABC News: “Another juvenile said he also engaged in sexual activity with her at that time.”

Jaimie Ayer

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