This Street-Smart Kid Did Something Incredible To Stop a Kidnapping!


Montreal, Canada. It’s August 1st 2015. A day like any other. 17 year-old kid Malyk Bonnet is waiting for a bus, much like he does on any other day. He notices something on the other side of the street. It’s a man and a woman having a blazing argument – a big one. It raises a bit of a red flag to Malyk. Sure, he’s seen scenes like this before, but there was something off about this couple, he thought to himself.

“The guy was screaming at her, the girl,” Bonnet told local news outfit CBC News. “He wasn’t really gentle with her, and I started watching, because I thought he would hit her, so I approached them a little bit.”

Bonnet struck up a conversation with the man in order to distract him and the guy asked for money to pay for two bus fares to Laval, a town 25 miles south of Montreal. Malyk could sense fear from the girl, so did something incredible. He lent them the money and even went with them, pretending that was his destination (it wasn’t). On the way, Bonnet pretended to be friendly with the guy and make him think they were getting on well…

Malyk Bonnet

Once in Laval, Malyk suggested the three of them stop somewhere for a bite to eat. During the meal, he excused himself and put in a phone call to the police. He explained the situation and said how he feared for the woman’s safety. This is where the story really gets strange…

It turns out that the police were actively looking for the company as there had been a report made that the man had actually kidnapped the woman, who was his ex-girlfriend. The man was a known felon with a history of spousal assault and violence.

“We were looking for a 29-year-old woman who was kidnapped by her former boyfriend earlier that day,” Laval Police Lt. Daniel Guérin told the press. “We believed that man was very dangerous.”

What a story. What a hero!