Now These Parents Have Found Out What Caused Their Baby’s Rash They’re Warning EVERYONE


‘My baby has a rash’. It’s a frequently Google term for parents across the world. And with good reason. Unchecked rashes can sometimes be the first symptom of a serious underlying medical condition. Of course, they’re often nothing too. But ignore them at your peril.

One mom’s rally cry is to stop feeding your children certain big name breakfast cereals and other foods with certain dyes in. Misty Lyn is the concerned mother who found a worrying rash on her daughter Harper’s skin.

They took her to their doctors and ran some tests. It turned out to be a reaction to some controversial food dyes found in Harper’s favorite breakfast treat…


Concerned mom Misty Lyn wrote about her story on Facebook, saying how Harper’s terrifying rash was due to a famous cereal that she ate for the first time…

“Had to take Harper to the doctors today. Had no clue what gave her this rash until Steve told me that she had Applejacks cereal for the first time this morning. Poor girl! Did more research on it and this is what I found…Apple Jacks has the most popular food dyes known to cause behavioral problems in children; yellow 6, blue 1, red 40 and BHT. These food dyes are now illegal in Europe, but perfectly acceptable in America. BHT is a common stabilizer in pesticides, gasoline, lubricants, and soaps, but are also found in Apple Jacks. Yellow 6 has been linked to tumors in lab mice and red 40 has been known to cause severe allergic reactions.”

If you’re worries about a rash on a young one, don’t just ignore it – it’s worth getting it checked out. Consult your family physician as soon as possible.