The 10 Most Common Nightmares EXPLAINED! #2 Might Just Rob You Of Sleep Forever!


Are you one of those lucky people who just slides into bed, instantly falls asleep and then wakes up eight hours later feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day? Or are you more the kind who takes forever to get to sleep, tosses and turns all night and is forever waking up with a jolt after being shaken awake by a terrible nightmare?

If you fit into the second section – or have nightmares at all – then this is going to fascinate you!

We all dream. And many people believe there are subconscious reasons as to why we do. It’s also thought that exactly what you dream about comes from within too. Your brain acts out scenarios in order to help cope with life. So your nightmares might not be quite as random as you might have thought.

So whatever it is that your nightmares are about – plane crashes, being cheated on… Let AllTime10s talk you through them.

Sweet dreams!

Want another Top 10? How about the top ten weirdest bank robberies of all time…?

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