Her Owner Threw This Poor Paralyzed Puppy in The Trash… See What Happens Next


When Harper the puppy was born, she had a condition which can really badly affect a dog’s life and health. She could barely move. And couldn’t walk. Instead of taking little Harper to the veterinarian’s, the callous owner just disposed of her. Literally. He put her straight into a trash bag and threw her out like garbage. It’s shocking.

Luckily for little Harper, she got another chance at life and was saved by a lady called Erica Daniels. She took Harper to a place called Dolly’s Foundation and they began the long road of trying to get the rescue dog to walk. Using time, dedication, physiotherapy and love – they managed it!

How someone could throw a beautiful little pup like this in the garbage is beyond us. It makes no sense. Why would anyone be that callous? Oh well, Harper is back on her feet again… Literally! Have a look for yourself:

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