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    Don’t Throw Out Shirts With Oil Stains – Try THIS Simple Hack To Remove Them Instead!

    Stains on your t-shirts. They’re so annoying, aren’t they? Especially if they’re oil stains. Even the tiniest ones and you’re faced with having to throw away the shirt or tear it up for rags. If only there was a guaranteed way to remove oil stains from shirts. Say, a life hack of some kind… What’s that? There IS?! Heh. Of COURSE there is…

    Here’s what you’re going to have to collect together before you start: some liquid dish soap, a tin of WD-40, a little baking soda, an old toothbrush you no longer use, a small piece of cardboard and Q-Tips…

    Got all that? Right, okay. So you’ve got a stain like this?

    Grease Shirt

    And you’ve got all this lot, right?

    Grease Shirt

    First, a little WD-40 on the offending areas.

    Grease Shirt

    Followed by baking soda.

    Grease Shirt


    Grease Shirt

    Then detergent the area a little.

    Grease Shirt

    Scrub again.

    Grease Shirt

    Et Voila!

    Grease Shirt

    Neat, huh?


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