This Doctor’s Invented a Condom That Will ‘Take a Bite’ Out Of Rapists!


Rape is a social issue which affects all countries, cultures and people. But in South Africa – for some reason – rates of sexual assaults are sky high. A shocking statistic from a recent survey in the country says that 28% of men admit to having carried out such an offence in their lifetimes. 1 in 20 of the men anonymously surveyed admit that they’ve raped a woman in the past year. Unbelievable.

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers is determined to do what she can to impact these numbers. Her idea? An invention which she hopes will eat away at the terrible numbers of sexual assaults in her homeland of South Africa and beyond. The invention? Rapex. And ‘anti-rape’ condom which is capable of doing so much damage to the genitals of any aggressor that the merest hint or threat that a woman might be internally fitted with one should be enough to put off would-be rapists for good.

Rape condom

The condom is fitted by the woman and has rows of sharp barbs inside which can do significant damage to the shaft of the penis of anyone who penetrates her. It’s designed in such a way as to be painful and halt the attack, but not to draw blood. Blood in this situation could be terrible, what with how widespread AIDS is throughout Africa.

Here’s how the ‘Rapex’ condom works: