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    INSANE Couple Hang a Crazy 2,700ft Off a Cliff Over Rio De Janeiro!

    Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and his 18 year-old girlfriend Victoria Medeiros Nader make a pretty cute couple. They also make a pretty well suited couple. Only it’s important to share some hobbies and interests with your partner. And when they’re more, shall we say, unusual – it can be difficult to find that special someone. And when that hobby is hanging off cliffs almost 3,000 feet from the ground, it’s even trickier…

    But that’s just what they love!

    Daredevil (2)

    Leonardo and Victoria decided that it’d be a fun day out to hang more than 2,700ft from the ground over their native Rio recently for this photo opportunity.

    Daredevil (3)

    The cliff is called Pedra de Gavea and it’s not for the faint of heart. Or for anyone with any idea about what fear is or any sense on how dangerous things are!

    Daredevil (4)

    We think this is beyond crazy, but they’re having a good time!

    Daredevil (5)

    This is what Leonardo says about it:

    “I love living on the edge! I know people think it’s dangerous and crazy but it makes me feel alive. It is really high and I do just hang on using my arm strength. I have to trust myself not to fall.”

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    Has this got your adrenaline pumping? Fancy seeing some more death-defying shenanigans? Well, where better to head to than the undisputed King of Insane, Ukraine’s ‘Mustang Wanted’…?


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