This Rottweiler’s Owner Tells Him To Show His Mean Face. Check Out The Dog’s Reaction!


Reese the Rottweiler is, despite his scary appearance and his breed’s fearsome reputation, actually a pretty relaxed dog. In fact, most Rotties are unless you teach them to be scary. They’re like any dog, in that respect. Pit Bull Terriers are a case in point.

But Reese is more than capable of looking pretty darn mean when he puts his mind to it. As you’re about to witness first hand. His human has made sure than Reese is able to look mean, even if he isn’t feeling all that mean. And this video here shows proof of his ability to fake a mean face. And you know what? It’s pretty convincing!

See what we mean in this super funny, super cute video that shows that dogs are just as good at acting as we are! “And the Academy Award for Best Dog goes to…”