This Is What Happens When Two Abused Pitbulls Are Put In The Same Room


The lazy thinking when it comes to dog breeds is that pit bull terriers are an inherently dangerous and violent breed. Now, we’ve all seen enough from pit bulls over time to know that this is just garbage. Violent, dangerous animals – of any breed – are made, they’re not born. If a pit bull is a danger to the public, blame the owner.

If they’re not socialized and abused? Blame the disgusting owner for that too. We’re always sickened to see animals harmed by humans, but you have to say – when they’re rescued and helped – it’s beautiful to see. Here we see two pit bulls – a male and a female. They’re both been treated terribly and starved. Both of food and love.

Put in a room together, one might expect to see them try and rip each other’s throats out. But just wait. This video for Hope For Paws is incredible…

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