How Do You Transport Windmill Wings Over 240ft Long…? Like THIS!


So. How do you transport windmill wings over 240ft long? You use something called a ‘Vamdrup Special Transporter‘, of course! We can’t believe you didn’t know that…

If you’ve ever looked up at a giant energy-producing windmill and thought to yourself, ‘Gosh, that’s big. I wonder how they got all the component parts of the thing into that field’, then you’re not alone. And now you can find out the answer. There’s no magic involved, just a clever bit of kit, some good planning and excellent work from a truck driver!

As you’re about to see from this video that comes to us from Denmark, it takes lots of preparation and spotters to make sure it all goes to plan, but when it does? It’s hugely impressive. Yet again, it seems that nothing is impossible when clever people put their heads together!

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