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    There’s a Woman Hidden In This Picture… Can You Find Her?

    Here’s a puzzler for you to get your teeth into. Take a look at the image below. Can you spot the hidden woman in the shot? It might be tricky, but keep looking – we promise you, she’s in there!

    This clever little masterpiece was created by renowned and talented artists Jörg Düsterwald and Tschiponnique Skupin. These photographers and body-painting artists have been tricking people for years with their excellent camouflaged human pictures.

    Don’t worry if you can’t spot her, it’s not easy. And keep scrolling down the answer, we reveal it at the end of this post…

    Fall Scene

    Spot her? No? Well, keep looking… If you give up or want to check your answer – here’s where she is!


    Clever, huh?!


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