Woman Solves Arson Case Live On TV!


A hilarious video has emerged where a woman fingers the culprit of an arson attack on live television!

It’s Wednesday 23rd July and the breakfast news is just starting on WKNB-27, a television channel based in Northern Ohio. News is emerging of a suspected arson in a neighborhood of Leavittsburg, so the presenters hand over to reporter Derrick Lewis, who is live at the scene. After reporting that the fire had been started in a garage on Burwell Road at around 3:45 am -before spreading and damaging two houses – Lewis turns to speak to Heather Tenney, owner of the garage in question. After giving details about how she and her husband escaped, Tenney is asked ‘Do you know how this fire started?’ by Lewis. ‘Yes I do,’ she replies, completely throwing the reporter. She then goes on to identify precisely who started the fire and why!

Watch the video below to find out what she said.