Watch This Insane Guy Jump Out Of a Truck On FIRE Into The Water!


Sometimes, people just do weird things. Weird things like talking backwards real quick. Or jumping out of moving cars. Or boiling a mouse in their own pee and then eating it. You know how it goes. And we’d like to bring you a new weird thing that someone’s done. Why have they done it? We don’t know. Let’s just sit back and enjoy it. So put your feet up and get ready to watch a guy jump out of a truck he’s set alight as it plummets off a ledge, into some water below.

Is this the redneck Olympics? Is it an elaborate insurance scam? A bet? Or was the dude in this video just supremely bored? After all, we’ve all been there. It’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re doing nothing. So you set your vehicle on fire and drive it off a cliff, into a lake, jumping out of it at the last second. It happens all the time round where live.

The crazy thing is the momentum he gets – him and his truck nearly manage to to jump the gap! Luckily for all concerned, it went to plan. We just hope he didn’t leave the truck there. That’s not good for the environment…

Check it out:

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