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He Builds A Bed For The Back Yard… But The Mattress? Weirdly Genius!

There's nothing quite like relaxing on a nice day and laying down on the grass, is there? That's what Aussie DIY and gardening expert...

If You Find One Of These Weird Egg Sacks In Your Back Yard, Try Not To Panic…

Think you've seen weird before? You ain't seen nothing yet! If you enjoy pottering about in the back or front yard and doing a...

500lbs of Liquid Glass Putty Makes For The WEIRDEST Bath Ever!

The guys at VAT19 decided to set up a little experiment. We could pretend it was for science, but it reality it was all...

Man Discovers Weird Woman Secretly Living In The Vents Of His Apartment!

When food goes missing from your fridge, the most logical answer is that whoever you live with ate it or threw it out. What's...

This Teenager Can Talk Backwards, And It’s Weirdly Impressive!

Oh my God! What on earth is she saying? Has she been possessed by the devil!? Or perhaps she's a witch! Burn her at...

Meet The Wasps That Turn Spiders Into Their Weird Zombie-Like Slaves!

On a hot summer's day, the one thing guaranteed to try and ruin your fun is the wasp. Buzzy little things, it's almost as...

He Pours Salt On The Beach… Seconds Later? He’s Caught Something Weird For Dinner!

Sword Sands in Langstone Harbour near Portsmouth in England. It's a beach like any other and it provides the setting for this easy little tutorial...


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