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    Man Discovers Weird Woman Secretly Living In The Vents Of His Apartment!

    When food goes missing from your fridge, the most logical answer is that whoever you live with ate it or threw it out. What’s less likely is that there’s a strange, feral girl living secretly in the vents. Unless you’re New York City resident Joe Cummings, that is.

    It wasn’t just missing food that made Cummings suspicious. Other strange and unexplained things were happening at home. His girlfriend pleaded ignorance and so – seemingly to catch her out – he set up a hidden camera to try and find out what was happening. And find out he did… And he discovered was beyond creepy

    It didn’t take long before he found proof of the culprit. And it shocked him to the core. Some strange girl had been covertly staying in his apartment and eating his food. And watching his cable TV. And even urinating in his sink! This is a crazy story. See what happened right here:


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