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  • $100 Dollar Bill Car Jacking Scam

    If You See This On Your Parked Car, It’s Not Good Luck…

    St. Louis County, Missouri. What would you say to a free $100 bill left on your windscreen? Imagine coming back to your parked car to see a clean, crisp banknote there. What would you do? Take it, right? Right. But it could be a decision you immediately regret… A Facebook post from woman in Jefferson County […]

  • Get Rich

    Find Out The Only Tried And Tested Way To Get Filthy Rich…

    If there’s one thing that almost all of us would love – aside from endless personal happiness and fulfillment – it’s to be filthy stinking rich. It may sound a little crass and, granted, money isn’t a driver for some people, but most of us would love to be comfortably wealthy. Whether it’s so you […]