After Rubbing Alcohol Onto This $50 Bill, She Finds Something Truly Shocking!


Currency. It makes things so much easier. In the days before it, goods and services were exchanged, which worked fine for a while. But as civilization developed, we had to come up with something a little smarter. And as with any new ‘technology’, the criminals of this world were quick to react. Almost as soon as folding money was invented, counterfeit cash was a thing.

The most common form of faking cash is to print your own. But with anti-counterfeiting techniques such as special ink and papers, as well as things like watermarking, coming into play – it’s harder than ever to create fake money out of thin air.

In this video, a woman in Vietnam realizes that she’s got hold of a counterfeit $50 bill. When she rubs some alcohol on the bill, you’ll see why. But his isn’t a banknote created from scratch – we’re dealing with a clever new form of counterfeiting. This $50 bill is really a $10 bill…

See what we’re talking about right here…

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