The Doritos Super Bowl Commercial That’s Freaking EVERYONE Out!


We’ve just seen Super Bowl 50 come and go and all the fun it had to bring… Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos beating Cam Newton‘s Caroline Panthers. Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce‘s half time show. And, of course, Lady Gaga’s National Anthem.

But perhaps the thing that stole the show most – aside from Gaga’s epic performance – came from the commercial break. The game itself was pretty defensive and boring, so we had to look to the advertisements for entertainment. And, luckily, Doritos stepped up to the plate. They ‘delivered‘ a brilliant little commercial that had America laughing big time.

In it a hapless dad is at his wife’s ultrasound reading. Eating a bag of nacho chips. And it turns out that the kid likes the Doritos even more than the old man. And flies out to get hold of some. This is just too funny! And a bit disgusting… See why EVERYONE is talking about it right here: